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Have fun exploring
Carole's Country Store.
Inspired by the
simple pleasures of
days gone by.


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Carole's Country Store is your place to explore a
treasure trove of simple antique goods, early country art,
collectibles, photography, video, as well as original creations
by some of America's most creative artists and artisans.


Bill......I received my spoon holder and spoons this morning
and couldn't be happier! Just to own something that Carole thought
and appreciated enough to sell in her store will be a treasure in
my home. I never had the pleasure of meeting your dear wife in
person, but we did exchange emails every now and then...
she was a such a beautiful and talented person...thank you again..

Best Regards, Bobbie

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Hello Carole, Thanks ever so much for the penner which
I received this morning. Better than what I expected.
A real piece of history and a marvelous addition to my
collection. The packing was excellent too. Perhaps you
could post this comment on your site.
Kindest regards. - Serge

Carole, I got the cutting board and shredder today and I am
thrilled. You always do such a great job with packing
and I love my items.  Thank you so much! - Stephanie


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